US Private Equity Fund Compliance Companion

If you are looking for a good guide to help your private equity compliance program, PEI Media’s US Private Equity Fund Compliance Guide is a good place to start. There have been a few changes since its publication in 2010. PEI Media has just published the US Private Equity Fund Compliance Companion to provide an update on the new and amended regulations, hoping to deliver some timely information before the March 30, 2012 registration deadline.

Charles Lerner of Fiduciary Compliance Associates was the lead editor and asked me to contribute a chapter. (That means I can offer you a discount of 20%. use the code: COMP_20)

Other contributors include:

  • Daniel Bender
  • Erik A. Bergman
  • Timothy M. Clark
  • Winston Chan
  • Peter Cogan
  • Doug Cornelius
  • Karl Ehsam
  • Kimberly Everitt
  • Daniel Faigus
  • Craig Friedman
  • Thomas S. Harman
  • David Harpest
  • Ebonie D. Hazle
  • Jeanette Lewis
  • Matthew Maulbeck
  • Leslie Meredith
  • Edward D. Nelson
  • John J. O’Brien
  • James T. Parkinson
  • Scott Pomfret
  • Michael Quilatan
  • Jay Regan
  • John Schneider
  • Justin J. Shigemi
  • Kate Simpson
  • Mark Trousdale
  • Joel A. Wattenbarger

PEI’s description.

 Featuring expert advice from over 30 compliance and legal professionals, this guide for chief compliance officers (CCOs) provides practical guidance on the legal and operational issues that registered investment advisers are required to comply with, and what the CCO role entails with useful checklists and practical tips.

The companion also features an exclusive roundtable discussion among a chief compliance officer, a head of investor relations and three attorneys. In this candid and informative session, these compliance experts discuss reporting net as well as gross performance results, limitation on general or public solicitations of investors, fundraising in new markets, limited partner due diligence and social media policy – it’s a discussion that will reveal the realities of the brave new world for registered investment advisers.

You can see the table of contents and read two chapters in the US PE Compliance Companion. (.pdf)