2011 LexisNexis Corporate and Securities Law Blog Nominees

For the second year, LexisNexis is seeking your input in choosing the top blogs for their Corporate and Securities Law Community.

(Warning, this post post contains blatant self-promotion.)

Looking at the list of candidates, I see many blogs that I read regularly. But there are several on the list that I had not heard of before and need to take a look at. If you are looking for a list of business law blogs to read, the list of nominees is a great place to start.

I think many more than 25 of the nominated blogs are much better than mine, whether its on quality, popularity, or some other factors. I doubt I will make it into the top 25 so I will sit back and take the consolation prize: the honor of being nominated. (Although, I thought the same last year, but still managed to squeak into the top 25.)

Lexis Nexis invites you to comment on the announcement post:

Top 25 Business Law Blogs 2010 – Corporate & Securities Law Community

To comment, you have to register. Registration is free and supposedly does not result in sales contacts. The comment period for nominations ends on October 25, 2011. They don’t say how they will end up selecting the top 25 out of the nominees, other than it’s based on their review and your comments.

As I said last year I’m also not sure how the Lexis-Nexis Communities fits in with the Martindale Hubbell Connected platform. There seems to be whole lot of substantive information in Communities that is missing in Connected. They should still get these two sites together.

Vote for the business law blogs you feel are the best or at least look through the list to add some new sites to your reading list. Go ahead and include Compliance Building.


Alston & Bird’s “M&A Blog”
by Alston & Bird’s Corporate Transactions and Securities Practice

Alston & Bird’s Securities Lit. Blog
By Alston & Bird’s Securities Litigation Group

BD Law Blog
By Joel Beck


The Business Law Blog (Dryanlaw)
by Daniel J. Ryan

Business Law Post
By Arina Shulga

Business Law Prof Blog
By Multiple Authors

California Corporate & Securities Law
By Keith Bishop

Commercial Law Blog
By by Jennifer S. Martin, L. Ali Khan, Jason J. Kilborn, Robyn Meadows, Marie T. Reilly, Marc L. Roark, Keith A Rowley, Steven Semeraro, Anthony Schutz and Jim Chen discussing a variety of Commercial Law related topics.

Compliance Building
by Doug Cornelius

Conference Board Governance Blog
Editor, Gary Larkin

The Conglomerate
By Seven Law Professors blog about business, law, economics and society, including Gordon Smith, BYU Law School, Christine Hurt, Univ. of Illinois College of Law, Vic Fleischer, Univ. of Colorado Law School, Fred Tung, Emory Law School, Lisa Fairfax, George Washington Univ. Law School, David Zaring, Wharton School Legal Studies and Business Ethics Department, and Usha Rodrigues, University

Connecticut Employment Law Blog
by Daniel A. Schwartz of Pullman & Conley, LLC b

Consumer Law & Policy
Coordinators, Deepak Gupta and Jeff Sovern

Contracts Prof Blog
By Jeremy Telman

By James McRitchie

Corporate & Securities Law Blog
By Sheppard Mullin

Corporate Compliance Insights

By Broc Romanek and Dave Lynn

Corporate Finance Law Blog
By Davis Wright Tremaine

Corporate Law and Governance
By Robert Goddard, a U.K. based Senior Lecturer at Aston Law, part of Aston Business School

The Corporate Library Blog–GMI
Published by GMI

Corporate Tool
By Josh King

Credit Slips
By Multiple Authors

David Tate’s Blog

DealLawyers.com Blog
By Broc Romanek

Delaware Corporate and Commercial Litigation Blog
By Francis G. X. Pileggi

The D&O Diary
Published by Kevin M. LaCroix

The Emerging Business Advocate
By Seaton M. Daly III

FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog
by Thomas Fox

FCPA Professor
By Mike Koehler

Fraud Bytes
By Mark Zimbleman and Aaron Zimbleman

Harvard Corporate Governance Blog
By Harvard Law School Program on Corporate Governance

By Brian Goh, Burnham Banks, Mark Martyrossian, Mark Fleming

Hedge Fund Law Blog
by Bart Mallon

Indiana Commercial Foreclosure Law
By John Waller

Indian Corporate Law Blog
By Multiple Authors

Albish Publishing

Investor Relations Musings
by John Palizza

The Investment Fund Law Blog
by Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman

Jim Hamilton’s World of Securities Regulation

By Arthur Ryman

M&A Law Prof Blog
By Brian JM Quinn, Boston College Law School Professor

Marks on Governance
by Norman Marks

Marler Blog
By Bill Marler

Metropolitan Corporate Counsel
Publisher, Martha Driver

Nancy Rapoport’s BlogSpot
By Nancy Rapoport

NC Business Litigation Blog
By Mack Sperling of Brooks Pierce LLP

New York Business Law
Frederic R. Abramson

New York Business Litigation and Employment Attorneys Blog
By David S. Rich

No Funny Lawyers
By Jim Thomas

Northwest Litigation Blog
By Ater Wynne LLP

Perkins Coie’s MergerViewpoints
Publisher, Scott B. Joachim

PLI Securities Law Practice Center
By Kara O’ Brien

by Stephen M. Bainbridge

Race to the Bottom (Corp Governance Blog)
a faculty and student collaborative blog published By J. Robert Brown, Jr.

By Francine McKenna

Reverse Merger Blog
By David Feldman

Robert A. G. Monks’ Blog
by Robert Monks

SEC Actions
By Thomas O. Gorman of Porter Wright

SEC Tea Party
By Robert Fusfeld

Securities Law Prof Blog
By Barbara Black

SEC Whistleblower Program
By Nick Fasulo

Small Business Trends
By Anita Campbell

Startup Company Lawyer
By Yoichiro Taku

Strictly Business
by Alexander Davie

10Q Detective
By David Phillips

The 10b-5 Daily
By Lyle Roberts

Truth on the Market
By Geoffrey Manne and Multiple Authors

UCC Food Ind. Law, Food Liability Law Blog
By Richard Goldfarb, Stoel Rives LLP

Uniform Commercial Code Litigation
By Robinson & Robinson LLP

USA Inbound Deals
by Bill Newman

By Ed Mierzwinski

The Venture Alley
Editors Trent Dykes, Asher Bearman of DLA Piper

Virginia Business Litigation Lawyer
By Lee Berlik

What About Clients
By Dan Hull

Workplace Prof Blog
By Richard Bales & Multiple Authors

WSJ Deal Journal