Nominations Open for the 2010 Clawbies

Nominations are open for the 2010 Clawbies, , honoring the best in Canadian legal blogs.

My old blog, KM Space, was a past two-time winner of a Clawbie: Friend of the North 2007 and Friend of the North 2008. Compliance Building stayed on the Clawbie list for 2009.

It looks like I didn’t pay much attention to Canada during 2010, since I only published two Canada posts:

With the flurry of regulatory changes happening south of the 49th Parallel, I have not paid much attention to the Canadian law blogs dealing with compliance, privacy, ethics and other topics that interest me here at Compliance Building.

I will throw two blogs in for nominations:

  1. Brian Bowman – On the Cutting Edge. This was the only Canadian blog that made it into one of my blog posts for 2010. It’s only fair that I nominate it.
  2. The Business Ethics Blog by Chris MacDonald. He has a Ph.D. instead of a JD and business ethics is not a pure legal topic. However, if business lawyers are not thinking about business ethics, then they are not doing their jobs very well. Just because something is legal, does not mean it is ethical or a questionable move by the company.

I would also throw Stem Legal’s Law Firm Web Strategy blog and Jordan Furlong’s Law 21 into pool, but since they are sponsors, I assume they are not eligible. (Oddly, Law 21 garnered a nomination from the American Bar Association for their Blawg 100. I guess the ABA is looking to annex Canada.)