Voting and Compliance

The midterm elections are upon us, which means you get to vote for your next congressman and about a 1/3 of the senators are up for election and most of you get to vote for your senator. Don’t forget the state and local elections.

In many states that means employers must allow their employees to have time off to vote. In 31 states, voting takes legal precedence over work.

Make sure that you vote and that your employees have time to vote.

For each polling place here in my Commonwealth of Massachusetts:

  • They must display the national flag. [MGL c.54, §25A]
  • They can’t serve alcohol in the any portion of the building designated as a polling place. [MGL c.54, §24]
  • You also carry intoxicating liquor into the polling place. [MGL c.54, §73]
  • Voting machines have to suitably lighted so you can read the ballot. [MGL c.54, §33A]
  • You can’t smoke at the polling place. [MGL c.54, §73]

So if you’re trying to vote in Massachusetts and you just bought a drink, the lights are dim, you’re smoking a cigar and you can’t salute the flag, then your polling place is not in compliance.


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Updated to correct my voting miscalculation.