Materials from Social Media Policies

Virtual Corporate Counsel Forum

As a follow-up to my presentation on social media polices at the Virtual Corporate Counsel Forum, I’m publishing the slide deck and links to some of the items I discussed.

Download the Slidedeck: ALM social media policy

FTC Action against Ann Taylor

FTC Action Against Reverb

SEC Guidance on the Use of Company Websites

Organized Labor and Social Media Policies

Advice Memorandum from the National Labor Relations Board in Sears Holdings (Roebucks) Case 18-CA-19081

Basic policy:
Be professional, kind, discreet, authentic. Represent us well. Remember that you can’t control it once you hit “update.” by Jay Shepherd on his Gruntled Employees blog

In the slide deck, I mention PBworks. I serve on a board of advisers for them and have a financial interest in the company.