Corruption Currents: The Wall Street Journal’s New Corruption Blog

“Corruption Currents, the Wall Street Journal’s corruption blog, will dig into the ever-present and ever-changing world of corporate corruption. It will be a source of news, analysis and commentary for those who earn a living by finding corruption or by avoiding it.”

Apparently corruption has become such a big topic that the Wall Street Journal has launched a new blog focused on the topic. It went live on September 20, but has a dozen plus stories dating back to last week.

The blog is staffed by two reporters from Dow-Jones. Joseph Palazzolo, formerly from Main Justice and Samuel Rubenfeld, who has been reporting for Dow Jones for about a year.

Corruption Currents will focus primarily on bribery, money laundering, sanctions, and terrorism finance.

They are already producing some good stories and aggregating other stories into their “High Tide” feature. You can find it at