We Have Video of Barney Frank Arguing With a Dining Room Table

After pushing through the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, Barney Frank now needs to run for re-election. He is not running unopposed in the Democrat primary, but the opposition is … “interesting.”

Barney is the congressman for my district, so I have voted for him in the past and plan to vote for him again. I would have hard time voting or his primary opponent. He will also have to face a Republican candidate in November, either former Marine Sean Bielat or businessman Earl Sholley.

Last year at a town hall meeting, a woman named Rachel Brown, a Lyndon LaRouche follower who accuses President Obama of acting like Adolph Hitler, challenged Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank with a question. He responded that talking to Ms. Brown “would be like trying to argue with a dining room table.” The Congressman does not usually argue with furniture.

Unfortunately, Brown was so incensed that she decided to run against him for his Congressional seat. For some unknown reason, Frank actually agreed to a televised debate with her.

She decided to compare Obama to Roman Emperor Nero instead of Hitler at the beginning of the debate. She also thinks we should be piping water in from Canada to invigorate the American economy.