Compliance Bits & Pieces for July 9

Here are some stories I found interesting:

Compliance Lessons in Country Music by Frank Sheeder in The Healthcare Compliance Blog

We all get our inspiration from different places. As you will see, country music can support some of the best themes that we can establish as compliance professionals. The titles of some of the more popular songs evoke all sorts of interesting parallels with what we confront in the compliance world every day. For example:

Top 3 FCPA Hits of the 2010 – The Gun Sting Case by Tom Fox

But what does all of this mean for the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) sitting in his office in the US? It should mean quite a bit. There are several lessons from which you can learn and immediately implement in your FCPA compliance program if you have not previously done so.

Good Intentions But Wrong Message by Kathleen Edmond in Best Buy Ethics

This is a great reminder for all of us: ethical behavior does not mean that we never make mistakes – it is about quickly and transparently correcting a course of action when needed, and sharing the learning.

EU Financial Chief Says Hedge Fund Rules Near in Compliance Avenue

In an interview with Bloomberg News, Michel Barnier, the 27-nation bloc’s Financial Services Commissioner, said that EU member states and the European Parliament are “in the final stretch” before voting to approve the new rules in September.

How’s Your Business Doing?

Image of Garth Brooks is by Steve Jurvetson – edited by CPacker