Interact Conference

I’m in Miami today for Interact 2010. I will try to post my notes from some of the sessions. Here is my agenda for the day:

Innovations in Legal and Compliance Technologies

Afshin Behnia, President & CEO, Mitratech. The session will review the state of the legal and compliance industries and present new trends and technologies.

Collaborative Accountability Strategies For The High-Performance Legal Department

Steven Harmon, Director of Legal Services, Cisco Systems, will present the state of technology within the legal industry and its role in enabling the in-house legal department to provide exemplary service to its clients while building deep, lasting relationships with outside counsel advisors. Mr. Harmon will explore how to balance collaboration requirements for modern teamwork interaction with internal and extraprise groups with the critical need to enforce accountability, traceability, and security of all legal and regulatory work.

Tackling the Complexity of Compliance: How Integrating Compliance Silos Drives Business Performance

  • Robert H. Brewer, Senior Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer, Office Depot
  • Jay G. Martin, Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer, and Senior Deputy General Counsel, Baker Hughes
  • Jason Mefford, VP, Business Process Assurance, Ventura Foods, LLC
  • Carole Stern Switzer, President, Open Compliance & Ethics Group (OCEG)

Global legal and regulatory requirements continue to grow and information needs are expanding right along with them. How do we manage the depth and breadth of compliance while ensuring that we know all the risks and have the right controls in place?  Today’s forward thinking companies are gaining the control they need, enhancing transparency and enabling compliance efforts to serve the company’s objectives rather than impede them. In this session you will learn tips and techniques for taking compliance from the “Department of No” to the “Department of Know.”

Governing Social Media: How to Monitor, Manage and Make the Most of Employee Use of Social Media

  • Doug Cornelius, Chief Compliance Officer, Beacon Capital Partners, LLC (that’s me)
  • Kathleen Edmond, Chief Ethics Officer, Best Buy
  • Scott Giordano, Director, Product Marketing, Mitratech
  • Janice Innis-Thompson, SVP & Chief Compliance Officer, TIAA-CREF

Corporate Communication takes on a whole new meaning in a world of social media, where employees can freely post their views and spread documents, photographs and even videos across the globe with a click of a mouse. Companies that are ahead of the curve not only have established policies regarding use of social media sites by their executives and employees, but also are finding ways to use social media to their competitive advantage. Join our panel to hear about the risks and rewards that a well managed approach to social media can bring.

Legal Hold Management – 7 Steps to Success

  • David Cambria, Director of Operations, Law Department, Aon Corporation
  • Amanda Heldt, Senior Manager, Implementation Consulting, Kiersted Systems
  • John Jablonski, Partner, Goldberg Segalla
  • Karen Jones, Office Manager, CenterPoint Energy, Inc.

This panel session explores trends and current best practices to develop and implement a defensible and controlled strategy for legal hold management from both the corporate legal and law firm perspectives.

Implementing an Effective FCPA Program

  • Brady K. Long, Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary, Pride International, Inc.
  • Ryan Morgan, FCPA Specialist, WorldCompliance
  • Marcia Narine, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Vice President, Global Compliance and Business Standards and Chief Privacy Officer,  Ryder System, Inc.
  • Kevin J. Rooney, Senior Compliance Officer and Associate General Counsel, Cerberus Capital Management, L.P.

In recent years the United States has greatly increased efforts to investigate and prosecute FCPA violations, a trend which will likely not change in 2010.  As a result, companies must continue to identify high-risk relationships with agents, vendors, and partners as well as focus on the detection, mitigation and prevention of unethical activity. How will recent FCPA violations impact compliance programs? How do companies know if they have implemented effective anti-corruption programs?  How will due diligence programs be augmented to include FCPA compliance?

During this session we will review recent FCPA violations and discuss developments in FCPA enforcement. The panelists will give their perspectives on recent developments as well as discuss their experiences and challenges in developing and implementing effective global anti-corruption programs.

Cultural Impact on Global Security, Privacy and Compliance Strategies

Scott Giordano, Director of Product Marketing, Mitratech. As companies seek to comprehend and comply with the global proliferation of complex security, privacy and compliance regimes, too often they focus exclusively on specific regulations, standards, laws, and local or industry initiatives. Lost or forgotten are the cultural and business issues that can make or break a program: How do differences in the cultural values of other nations affect program success? How does communication flow throughout the enterprise? How do business requirements drive policy? What education, training and awareness programs work, and how can the company’s strategies leverage those strengths? This panel, led by Scott Giordano of Mitratech, will explore the cultural and business drivers that affect the impact of global security, privacy and compliance program strategies.