Positioning yourself for Tomorrow’s Social Media Today: Practical Approaches for Legal Professionals


Join Compliance Building’s Doug Cornelius for a 60-minute Webinar at 11:00 am Eastern time on Wednesday, December 9. It’s free, sponsored by Martindale-Hubbell Connected.

The webinar will give you examples of social media web-based tools helping legal professionals become more efficient and productive. Will we soon say goodbye to email?


The webinar panel includes:


I will start with my hatred of the term “social media.” For me it’s all about communication, self-interest, finding information and saving that information for later use. I have no snake-oil to sell, claim no expertise as a “social media expert” and have not written a book. My part of the panel is just focused on how I personally take advantage of these tools and where I see them going.

Nicole will talk about why you should care about intermedia.

Greg show how to use web based communication  tools as information resource tools and ways to filter the information.

Rex has the perspective of social media as an opportunity aggregator, looking at Twitter, Google Wave, blogging and blog participation.

Lee will end things by looking at the social business design for the legal sector and look at how some law firms are using web-based communication internally.

You will notice that we are not talking about Martindale-Hubbell Connected.

You can register for the webinar here: http://www.interaction.com/LNMH/connected/webinars/index.cfm?wid=127


For those of you on Twitter, we are using the #MHCO hashtag for the webinar.


The materials and some of the questions and answers are available in the Martindale-Hubble Connected group on Social Media for Lawyers. (registration required. I couldn’t get permission to post the materials publicly.)

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