How Fraudsters Try to Look Legitimate

The SEC is putting its new investor-focused website to good use:

The first item that caught my eye was their article on how fraudsters use fake SEC registrations and bogus seals to make them look legitimate: Fake Seals and Phony Numbers: How Fraudsters Try to Look Legit.

They offer these five pieces of advice:

  • Deal Only With Real Regulators
  • Be Skeptical of Government “Approval”
  • Look Past Fancy Seals and Impressive Letterheads
  • Check Out the Broker and the Firm
  • Be Wary of “Advance Fee” or “Recovery Room” Schemes

“If you want to invest wisely and steer clear of frauds, you must get the facts. Never, ever, make an investment based solely on a promoter’s promises or what you see on the Internet”

The other thing that caught my eye as a blogger, was the SEC’s use of an out of the box WordPress blog deployment to run the website. Just like I use here at Compliance Building.

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