Google’s New Privacy Dashboard

google Dashboard

Have you ever wondered what data is stored with your Google Account?

Over the past 11 years, Google has focused on building innovative products for our users. Today, with hundreds of millions of people using those products around the world, we are very aware of the trust that you have placed in us, and our responsibility to protect your privacy and data.

In an effort to provide you with greater transparency and control over their own data, we’ve built the Google Dashboard. Designed to be simple and useful, the Dashboard summarizes data for each product that you use (when signed in to your account) and provides you direct links to control your personal settings. Today, the Dashboard covers more than 20 products and services, including Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Web History, Orkut, YouTube, Picasa, Talk, Reader, Alerts, Latitude and many more. The scale and level of detail of the Dashboard is unprecedented, and we’re delighted to be the first Internet company to offer this — and we hope it will become the standard. Watch this quick video to learn more and then try it out for yourself at

I think it’s great that Google makes available all this privacy data in a single place.

You might be surprised how much Google knows in case you’ve already forgotten a service or two you’ve signed up with. Keep a close eye for the items on the page with this little blue icon meaning “this bit is public”. At the bottom of the page, Google disclaims that 16 additional products are not yet available in this dashboard.