Month: November 2009

How Fraudsters Try to Look Legitimate

The SEC is putting its new investor-focused website to good use: The first item that caught my eye was their article on how fraudsters use fake SEC registrations and bogus seals to make them look legitimate: Fake Seals and Phony Numbers: How Fraudsters Try to Look Legit. They offer these five pieces of advice:

Happy Thanksgiving

That means an extra long weekend for me. The White House traditionally pardons their turkey. The tradition is credited to President Truman who received a White House turkey for Thanksgiving. But there is no evidence that he spared the life of the turkey. According to an in-depth investigative report by the Washington Post, it was

Engage with Grace

With the Thanksgiving holiday this weekend, I’m turning the blog over to public service. Some conversations are easier than others. Last Thanksgiving weekend, many bloggers participated in the first documented “blog rally” to promote Engage With Grace – a movement aimed at having all of us understand and communicate our end-of-life wishes. It was a

Real Estate and OFAC Compliance

The tale of 650 Fifth Avenue is one that should be closely watched by compliance professionals dealing with real estate. Last year, the Department of Justice filed a forfeiture proceeding against a 40% interest in the property held by the Assa Corporation. They recently filed a forfeiture proceeding against the other 60% held by the

The Four Areas of Risk and Knowledge

When thinking about risk, I break things into four quadrants. There are things we know and there are things we don’t know as individuals. I then slice slice that further again with the things we know and the things we don’t know as part of the larger organization or conscious state. Our sweet spot is

Compliance Bits and Pieces for Nov. 20

Here are some interesting stories from the past week: How Presenters Can Deal With A.D.D. Audiences by Charles H. Green for Trust Matters In other words—the heads-down twittering was definitely multi-tasking, but that doesn’t mean there was no dialogue going on. In fact, there was a ton of dialogue. More content per minute flowed through

Review of SEC’s Process for Selecting Adviser Examination Targets

To continue the Madoff dogpile on the SEC, the SEC’s Office of Inspector General released a report criticizing the SEC’s process for selecting investment advisers and investment companies for examination. Review of the Commission’s Processes for Selecting Investment Advisers and Investment Companies for Examination As a result of OCIE never having examined Madoff’s investment firm,

Private Fund Investment Advisers Registration Act Status

OpenCongress allows you to create custom widgets for the status of bills in Congress. I decided to play around and create one for the House version of the Private Fund Investment Advisers Registration Act. I’ll create one for the Senate version once they formally introduce the Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2009.