Social Media Best Practices


This afternoon I am at the Harvard Club in New York City participating in Social Media: Risks & Rewards, an Incisive Media event. My second panel presentation is Social Media Best Practices. (My morning presentation was Develop your Company’s Corporate Policy for Social Media.)

I was joined on the panel by:

  • John Lipsey, Vice President Corporate Counsel Services of LexisNexis, acting as the moderator
  • Vanessa DiMauro, CEO of Leader Networks
  • Eugene Weitz, soon to be former Corporate Counsel of Alcatel-Lucent
  • Daniel Goldman, Legal Counsel of Mayo Clinic

Unlike the earlier presentations which focused on what the company should be doing, this panel is focusing on how the individual lawyers in the audience could use social media to help them.

Here is the slide deck we are using:

Vanessa will be starting off with some highlights from her 2009 Networks for Counsel Studypdf-icon. (A Global Study of the Legal Industry’s Adoption of Online Professional Networking, Preferences, Usage and Future Predictions.)

Then Dan spends some time leading the discussion about Twitter.

I take over and talking about blogging as a personal knowledge management tool. You can get some sense of what I am going to say if you read Why I Blog.

Eugene then focuses on online professional networking. (He hates the term social networking.) He makes a case why it is particularly useful for in-house counsel.

We end with a discrete set of takeaways for the audience.

I plan to present two takeaways. First, listen to what people are saying about you and your company. Set up a Google news search and a Google blog search for your name and your company’s name. Second, use a blog as a personal knowledge management tool.

Vanessa has a great 20 minute action plan.

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