Piracy or Obscurity


“Of all the people who didn’t buy one of my book’s today, the majority of them didn’t buy it because they never heard of me, not because someone gave them a free copy.”

Cory Doctorow from an interview in a recent issue of the Harvard Business Review

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  1. Bill Landay September 12, 2009 at 2:08 pm #

    This is completely true. Publishers vastly overestimate the danger of piracy. For textbooks it’s a real concern. But for ordinary novels? There just aren’t enough readers overall (compared to music and movie audiences); pirated digital versions are still too hard to find and download; e-readers are still too rare (most people wouldn’t consider reading a novel on a laptop screen, either); and there is not a community of techno-savvy book-file sharers (i.e. pirates) as there is for MP3’s and movies-via-BitTorrent. The reasons go on and on. Good grab, Doug.


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