Special Report on Sovereign Wealth Funds

Pensions and Investments

Pensions & Investments published a Special Report on Sovereign Wealth Funds. The report is based on a survey conducted in April by the Oxford University Center for Employment, Work and Finance: Oxford SWF Project.

Sovereign wealth funds are perceived to be shrouded in mystery because, like many private investment funds, they do not publicly report their investment activity. One item that attracts attention is the size of these funds. They are collectively a pool of capital estimated to be somewhere between about three trillion to nearly seven trillion dollars. The largest individual fund is believed to have assets of over $600 billion.

The special report was based on interviews of investment managers who routinely work with sovereign investment funds, not directly with officers of the funds themselves. So, the information is second hand.

The report predicts a movement away from U.S. Treasuries and towards equities and real estate.