Evening in the Cloud and Compliance


The The Evening in the Cloud session at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference was fun. David Berlind Editor-At-Large and General Manager of TechWeb was the moderator. I sat in the customer role beside Christopher Reichert of the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium. Sean Poulley VP Online Collaboration Services of IBM, Rajen Sheth Senior Product Manager of Google Apps, and Mike Feinberg Senior VP, Cloud Infrastructure of EMC each gave an eight minute pitch for their product.

If you read yesterday’s post (Compliance and Cloud Computing at Enterprise 2.0), you knew what my questions would be for the vendors. These three vendors represented big guns who I am sure have been asked those questions before. The session was obviously driven by vendors. Hopefully, my list of questions can be used by other attendees to quiz the vendors.

Google, IBM and EMC focused on the infrastructure aspect of cloud computing. From a compliance perspective, the application piece of cloud computing poses more of the issues. Maybe I will be able to tackle some of those issues with vendors when the Exhibition Hall opens on Tuesday.

Brenda Michelson live-blogged the session on her elemental links blog: @ Enterprise 2.0 Evening in the Cloud Panel discussion. It is as good a summary as I could have written.

The session was recorded and will be available on line at some point. I’llpost and update when I come across the recording.