Enterprise 2.0 at Goodwin Procter


Can law firms jump on the Enterprise 2.0 bandwagon? Lawyers are generally seen as conservative users of technology, preferring to use a quill and inkwell over a web-based publishing platform. David Hobbie shares some of the successes he has encountered in the adoption of Enterprise 2.0 at Goodwin Procter (.pdf – page 13) in the June 2009 issue of KM Pro Journal (.pdf)

Goodwin Procter was one of the early adopters of collaboration and knowledge sharing tools and has begun adopting the internal use of blogs and wikis as tools. This is a great article, summarizing some of the theory behind Enterprise 2.0, comparing it to knowledge management, and giving practical uses of these tools in a legal environment.

“More knowledge has been captured and stored because communications have been opened up to more authors and have been moved out of email “silo” and into public spaces. More knowledge transfer has occurred because the Enterprise 2.o tools are built to communicate, whether through alerts of new information, easy browseability through user-created structure, or through better search.”

I had the pleasure of working with David at Goodwin Procter during the initial deployment of the tools. I am happy to see that they continue to grow and succeed. You can read more from David at his blog: Caselines.

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