Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week at The Home Depot

home depot

Crystal M. Consonery, PhD, CCEP shared the experiences of Home Depot during the 2008 Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week. The goal was increasing awareness of the Corporate Compliance department. So they decided to use Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week  to launch their departmental awareness and branding.

One of Home Depot’s eight core values is “Doing the Right Thing.” Corporate Compliance is the embodiment of the value: Doing the “right” thing was at the forefront when they were tailoring their message to meet the needs of the company’s diverse population and in the selection of events and topics of discussion that would appeal to associates at different levels
in the organization.

Their schedule of events was announced through various communication channels, including elevator posters, lobby easels, the company’s weekly communication newsletter, and a company-wide communication from the CEO. They also invited external corporate compliance colleagues to the week’s events.

corporate compliance and ethics week