Corresponding with Cornelius


Here are some of my recent comments on some other blogs or other websites that allow comments.

I am happy to have you leave comments at Compliance Building. But if not here, take a look at what other people are saying. Join me in the conversation over there.

What Would You Do?? by Heather Milligan of The Legal Watercooler

Heather comments on the $80,000 paid vacation offered by Skadden posting, if I were a Skadden associate, I would take this opportunity to explore my passions. Perhaps law is it … but maybe not. Why not take this time to figure it out while you are young and relatively unencumbered? I commented that law schools should seize the opportunity and offer some specialty programs to provide some additional specialized education to these lawyers with time on their hands.

Obama Knows Where the Wild Things Are

Over on  my personal website, I found a video of President Obama reading Where the Wild Things Are.

Personal, Private, Professional, Public by Mike McBride of The Many Faces of Mike

Chatting about my 4Ps of publishing to the internet

What I’d Do: Part 2 – First We Focus On The Client by Francine McKenna of re: The Auditors

Francine has a great discussion about the divided loyalties of auditors and the effects of the recent reductions in their workforce.

Catch the Wave: Client Data is Becoming Cloud-Bound by Gary Levine on Capitalization Matters

Gary looks at some of the ways law firm client information is moving into the cloud, including my post on extranets.

Image is by Solarapex published on Wikimedia Commons and made available through a Creative Commons license: One Financial Center (Boston)