Kentucky’s Pay-to-Play Law

Kentucky places limitation on campaign contributors who get no-bid contracts from the state.  K.R.S. §121.056(2) provides:

No person who has contributed more than the maximum legal contribution established by KRS 121.150 in any one (1) election to a slate of candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor that is elected to office or any entity in which such a person has a substantial interest shall have any contract with the Commonwealth of Kentucky during the term of office following the campaign in which the contributions shall be made unless the contract shall be attained by competitive bidding and the person or entity shall have the lowest and best bid.

(a) “Substantial interest” means the person making the contribution owns or controls ten percent (10%) or more of an entity or a member of the person’s immediate family owns or controls ten percent (10%) of the entity or the person and his immediate family together own or control ten percent (10%) or more of the entity.

(b) “Immediate family” means the spouse of the person, the parent of the person or spouse, or the child of the person or spouse.