Fact Sheet 28 for The Family and Medical Leave Act

In addition to putting up the new FMLA poster, covered employers must  give notices to employees about their rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act. Section 29 CFR 825.301 describes the required notices.

If you have written guidance to employees concerning employee benefits or leave rights, such as in an employee handbook, information concerning FMLA entitlements and employee obligations under the FMLA must be included in the handbook or other document. For example, if an employer provides an employee handbook to all employees that describes the employer’s policies regarding leave, wages, attendance, and similar matters, the handbook must incorporate information on FMLA rights and responsibilities and the employer’s policies regarding the FMLA.

If you company does not have handbooks or other written material, then you need to provide general written guidance about employee rights and obligations under FMLA whenever an employee requests leave. According to the Department of Labor FMLA website, delivering a copy of Fact Sheet No. 28 will fulfill this requirement.