Can Facebook Get You Into Legal Trouble?

Kim S. Nash writing for How Text Messaging and Facebook Can Get You in Legal Trouble. The article focusing on the electronic discovery pitfalls of the ever-changing and expanding ways we communicate.

One thing is clear, banning access to social networking platforms is not effective. Even if you ban access in the workplace, your employees have access to the sites outside the workplace. What they post can be found and impact your organization.

Instead of ignoring the existence of social networking, educate and monitor. Social networking is just another way to communicate. Existing, well drafted email policies can easily be adapted to include social networking. If you shouldn’t put in an email, you should put it on a blog, Facebook or Twitter.

Some of these social networking tools allow for easier monitoring than email. Many of the platforms are designed to send out updates when new information is published. With a free RSS feed reader you can subscribe to these updates, collect them and review them.