Enforce Your Email and Web Acceptable Usage Policies

MessageLabs (now part of Symantec) published a whitepaper Not Just Words: Enforce Your Email And Web Acceptable Usage Policies.  The Whitepaper was written by Nancy Flynn, Executive Director of the ePolicy Institute.

  • Email & Web Rule #1:
    Comply with Legal and Regulatory Rules
  • Email & Web Rule #2:
    Enforce Acceptable Usage Policy with Training and Technology
  • Email & Web Rule #3:
    Control Written Content to Control Risk
  • Email & Web Rule #4:
    Protect Resources, Preserve Productivity and Prevent Lawsuits
  • Email & Web Rule #5:
    Personal Use Heightens Risk
  • Email & Web Rule #6:
    Exercise Your Legal Right to Monitor
  • Email & Web Rule #7:
    No Reasonable Expectation of Privacy
  • Email & Web Rule #8:
    Lock Out Malicious Intruders
  • Email & Web Rule #9:
    Annual Review of Acceptable Usage Policies