Ten Ways to Turn Your Holiday Party Into A Lawsuit

Shanti Atkins of ELT published The Top 10 Ways to Turn your Holiday Party into a Lawsuit:

Number 10: Ask staff to work evenings or weekends arranging the party, but don’t pay them for the extra time because it’s not really “work.”

Number 9: Insist on calling it a “Christmas party.”

Number 8: Invite the purchasing officer for a big government contract your company is pursuing, and make sure to buy her a lavish, expensive gift.

Number 7: Open bar all night, with holiday colored jello shots.

Number 6: Lots of mistletoe.

Number 5: Pass around a microphone, and make everyone describe how they’ve been “naughty or nice” this past year.

Number 4: On the party invitation, summon “husbands and wives” to join you for an evening of holiday cheer.

Number 3: To make sure you get a great turn out, tell employees that anyone who doesn’t show up will have their pay docked 4 hours.

Number 2: Don’t provide alternative transportation home for inebriated party goers.

And our Number 1 way to turn your holiday party into a lawsuit? Announce to everyone that “what happens at the holiday party, stays at the holiday party.”

See Shanti’s post for some of the reasons these items made the list. There is also a podcast that accompanies the blog post: Top 10 Ways to Turn your Holiday Party Into a Lawsuit podcast