Month: December 2008

Four Types of Search

I spent a fair amount of time at a prior job looking at document management systems and enterprise search. As part of the knowledge management effort, it was key to figure out how people found the information or documents they needed. In reviewing user behavior, I have identified four different types of searches for documents:

Managing Customer Data From The EU: Are You Compliant?

TRUSTe presented a webinar on Managing Customer Data From The EU: Are You Compliant? The panelists were: Maureen Cooney, CPO and VP of Public Policy, TRUSTe Damon Greer, Director, US-EU Safe Harbor Framework, US Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration Heather Shaw, Vice President, ICT Policy, US Council for International Business Dean Forbes, CIPP, Sr.

You Need An Impartial Chief Compliance Officer

As Merritt Maxim of CA points out, Madoff Scheme Highlights Need for Impartial CCO, one of the biggest red flags in the Madoff scandal was that was the disclosure that Madoff’s brother Peter served as the firm’s Chief Compliance Officer. “While having any sibling or family member serve as a CCO should not be an

Corporate In-House Counsel in the Age of Internal Compliance

You can listen to a webinar from the Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics Fall Symposium – Corporate Compliance: The Role of Company Counsel from October, 2007. Panel III – Corporate In-House Counsel in the Age of Internal Compliance Mitt Regan, Professor, Georgetown Law Tanina Rostain, Professor of Law, New York Law School Kathleen Barlow, Vice

Zip Codes Are Not Personal Identification Information Under California Law

In Party City Corp. v. The Superior Court of San Diego County, the California Court of Appeal in the Fourth Appellate District held that zip codes are not “personal identification information” under California’s Song-Beverly Credit Card Act of 1971, California Civil Code Sec. 1747.08. Information “concerning the cardholder” is protected pursuant to the purposes of

Kickbacks at Fry’s Electronics

Ausaf Umar Siddiqui was arrested on federal charges of money laundering and wire fraud. He allegedly charged vendors commissions in exchange for agreeing to buy merchandise at inflated prices. According to the news stories, he siphoned off as much as $65 million and used the money for Las Vegas gambling.

Fannie Mae Code of Ethics

Fannie Mae has their Code of Conduct posted on their website. So? The Wall Street Journal reports that the Federal Housing Finance Agency has imposed a revised code of conduct aimed at preventing mortgage brokers and lenders from pressuring appraisers to inflate their estimates of home values. Now there is a revised Home Valuation Code

Toward an Ethical Culture: Characteristics of an Ethical Organization

Kirk O. Hanson, executive director of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, asked at a recent meeting of the Business and Organizational Ethics Partnership: “What are the signs that a company is getting it right and addressing the most important dimensions of managing ethics in an organization?” Anne Federwisch put together a summary of the

The Ethics of Citicorp Center

I am not writing about the financial bail-out. I am focusing on a real estate construction story that happened back in 1978 when Citicorp Center was built On Lexington Avenue in New York City. A portion of the building was constructed on air rights to accommodate a building on one corner of the property. The