Inflated Credentials

The Wall Street Journal had a story on inflated academic credentials: Inflated Credentials Surface in Executive Suite by Keith J. Winstein.

Kroll issues an annual report of its “hit ratio” that says about 20% of job seekers and rank-and-file employees undergoing background checks by their companies are found to have inflated their educational credentials.

Referring to this story, Chris MacDonald of The Business Ethics Blog, writes in Executives & Inflated Academic Credentials:

The details are not exactly eye-popping. A few execs said they completed degrees they only started, one said he got a Bachelor’s degree when all he really got is an Associate’s degree. But still. Their information was inaccurate, and that’s bad. It’s dishonest (though the WSJ acknowledges that some cases might best be chalked up to misunderstandings) and it sets a lousy example for people lower down the corporate ladder.