Sovereign Wealth Funds Adopt Voluntary Best Practices

Adam O. Emmerich of Wachtell Lipton Rosen & Katz put together a summary published on The Harvard Law School Corporate Governance Blog on the Santiago Principles and the potential impact of these on investments by sovereign wealth funds: Sovereign Wealth Funds Adopt Voluntary Best Practices.

Intended to demonstrate that SWFs are soundly established and that investment decisions will be made on an economic and financial basis, the Santiago Principles address three broad areas of concern regarding SWFs: (i) their legal structure and relationship with the state, policy and investment objectives, and degree of coordination with their sovereign’s macroeconomic policies; (ii) their institutional structure and governance mechanisms; and (iii) their investment and risk management framework. While much will turn on how SWFs actually implement these aspirational guidelines (and it is worth noting that all of the principles are well caveated and subject to home country laws, regulations, requirements and obligations), the Santiago Principles may help reduce political influence in SWF investing and encourage the flow of sovereign wealth across borders.