Military Whistleblowers Get Little Help

The AP released a story describing the poor performance of the Department of Defense Inspector General’s Office: Whistle-blowers get little help if punished.

The inspector general’s office rejected claims of retaliation and stood by the military in more than 90 percent of nearly 3,000 cases during the past six years. More than 73 percent were closed after only a preliminary review that relied on available documents and sources — often from the military itself — to determine whether a full inquiry was warranted.

The Military Reprisal Investigations, or MRI, handles reprisal cases for military whstleblower reprisal cases.

The Directorate for Military Reprisal Investigations fulfills the statutory requirements to conduct and oversee allegations of whistleblower reprisal made by DoD Military Service members, Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) employees, and Contractor Employees. The Directorate also investigates alleged violations of DoD Directive 6490.1, “Mental Health Evaluations of Members of the Armed Forces.”

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