Certification Mark for EU Safe Harbor Framework

The Commerce Department’s International Trade Administration (ITA) has developed a certification mark for the U.S.-European Union Safe Harbor Framework. The mark may be used by companies on their websites to signify that they have self-certified compliance with the provisions of the Safe Harbor Framework. To display the certification mark, you must follow the Safe Harbor Certification Mark Instructions developed by ITA. Only those organizations that have self-certified and are listed on ITA’s official Safe Harbor Program list will be allowed to use the mark in an appropriate manner.

More than 1,500 U.S. companies participate in the Safe Harbor.

If you are considering joining the safe harbor, take the following steps:

  • Read the Safe Harbor Overview, including the Benefits of Joining.
  • Read the Safe Harbor Documents.
  • Review the Safe Harbor Workbook.
  • Review the Helpful Hints Before Self-Certification.

If you decide to join the safe harbor, you should:

  • Bring your organization’s policies and practices into compliance with the Safe Harbor’s Requirements;
  • Verify that your organization has done so; and
  • If you wish to assure your organization of safe harbor benefits, review the Information Required for Certification
  • complete and submit the Certification Form.

After your information has been reviewed for completeness, it will be posted to the Safe Harbor List.

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