FCPA Opinion Procedure Release 1998-2

FCPA Opinion Procedure Release 1998-2 came from a U.S. company submitting a bid to a foreign government-owned entity to sell and service a certain military training program. In connection with its bid, the Requestor intends to enter into several agreements with a privately-held company in the same foreign country. These agreements include a Settlement Agreement and Release, an International Consultant Agreement and a Teaming Agreement.

Requestor acquired an entity which had an International Representation Agreement with Representative. Pursuant to this agreement, Representative performed certain marketing and consulting services. Prior to executing the agreement, Requestor’s predecessor had performed a due diligence review of Representative’s qualifications and obtained certifications that neither Representative nor its principals were government officials nor did any government official have an ownership interest in Representative. The Representation Agreement also stated that no payments were made or would be made to government officials or members of a political party. Requestor subsequently determined that the Representation Agreement was invalid under local law and policy.