OCEG Webcast on Code of Conduct

Scott Mitchell, Chairman and of the Open Compliance & Ethics Group, and Brett Curran, Director of GRC and Privacy at Axentis, conducted a webinar on the Code of Conduct.  The powerpoint slides are free, but the webinar itself requires a premium membership.

These are some metrics they propose for measuring the performance of a Code of Conduct:

  • Reach – Percentage that receives the Code of Conduct
  • Certification Coverage – percentage that certifies they understand and will uphold the code of conduct
  • Training Coverage – percentage that are trained about the contents of the Code of Conduct
  • Awareness – percentage that report they what the code is and what is says
  • Mastery – percentage that proves through testing that they know the Code and what it says
  • Reporting Readiness – percentage that know to report violations
  • Readability – Flesch reading score
  • Operationalization – percentage that believes that the organization actually adheres to the Code
  • Organizational Alignment – percentage that believe that the Code accurately reflects the true values of the organization
  • Personal Alignment – percentage that believe that the Code is aligned with their personal values
  • Reporting – percentage that believe that Code violations are actually reported
  • Questions – number of questions received
  • Incidents – number of reported or discovered incidents of violation