The blog begins … as a continuation

If you’ve come to this post, you are probably wondering how long I have been blogging and what I’m all about.

I first started blogging in February of 2007 with my blog on Knowledge Management: KM Space. It started as an exploration of how blogging and other web 2.0 tools could be used inside a law firm. I quickly discovered that the consumer space was far ahead of enterprise space.

I also published Real Estate Space. That focused on the substance of legal practice, with less navel gazing than KM Space.

I abandoned those two blogs because of this blog. I published 614 posts on KM Space and 144 posts on Real Estate Space before I abandoned them in March, 2009. I switched careers to compliance in 2008. Those blogs were distracting me from focusing on compliance. They were like crying kids in the background asking to be fed.

I use this blog as a tool to help me the learning and knowledge I need as a compliance professional. You can read more in Why I Blog.

I consider the first day of this blog to February 12, 2009 when it first went public: This Site is Live.

(I hope it’s obvious that the date of this blog post does not reflect the date it was written. )